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Taking a Bite of the Apple

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

How Education Hypnotizes the Masses

That simple bite of apple represents the loss of all the simple goodness that God offers in exchange for man’s self-induced feeling of power. The ultimate trade-off begins—knowledge in place of wisdom. In his denial of God, man believes he can achieve anything without God, because now in his hypnotic state he uses this ungodly force to drive him through life, and each passing day he has to find this “feeling” and hold onto it at any cost. He now has to offer up a plate of tainted apples on a daily basis to the next unsuspecting soul, and with his man-driven feeling of power and false confidence, he downloads confusion and doubt and the seed of need for this power into family, friends and even strangers to keep his feeling of power strong and ongoing. He complicates everything in life in order to sort the so-called smart people from the dumb ones. I call this, the hypnosis of education.

Have you ever sat in front of a teacher as he was cramming information into you and suddenly felt that you were being violated? You look to the left and then to the right and see that you are the only person in the class who is struggling, so you must be dumb. Your intent is to please and do the right thing, but somehow all of this so-called education (the apple) you have been told you must have, just does not compute, and every passing moment you feel more pressure to excel and to live up to the expectations of the authority who has been entrusted with your life for eight hours a day, but every passing moment you also feel dumber and come out of school feeling like a complete failure.

This is what happened to me when I was a child, and as I watched my very aware daughter struggle with this exact same scenario when she was younger, I knew in my heart that she knew what was best for her. I was called the same names as she was when I was younger and had some residual guilt, so although I knew she was right in not wanting to go to school, I still wanted to make sure she did not have to feel dumb and suffer as I had. When I let her stay home from school, even the most well-meaning people told me that I was spoiling her and said, “She is controlling you Dianne. Who is in charge?” They told me not to give in to her, but to force her to go to school because everyone has to do things they don’t like in life and she shouldn’t be any different. They said structure is important in a child’s life and she needed the discipline of school or she would just be plain, old dumb. They spoke to my doubt, so I sort of bought into the lie, for a short while, until I could not take it any longer and stopped it in its tracks. Believing this incredible farce was my worst mistake, but first I had to face my own weakness; the desire to want her to be educated to excel in life.

Thank God that my daughter has a very strong soul and has somewhat survived a few years of torment—although most kids don’t! The lie perpetrated itself as I watched other kids go to school who didn’t seem to have a problem with it, wanting me to believe there must be something wrong with my kid who could not be a part of a class of sitters. She knew that the boredom was debilitating, and sitting because education requires seat time was wrong, and that even having to ask to go to the bathroom was strange. But more importantly, what about the robbing of inspiration, intuition, vision and the desire to discover for one’s self? This is all that my daughter wanted, but she was told she could not do these things in the moment she wanted to, only in designated times. This rigidity is the training and it does not end until you are no longer part of the system.

Alexandra could not be hypnotized into being a part of the system. She put up a powerful fight and, thank God, she had her Grandpa to see deeper than even I could. It did not take but a minute to see how I had been conditioned into believing the lie that, by the standards of today’s educational system, I was dumb. I now can see it all so clearly. Alexandra is the type of kid that the educational system was designed to destroy, and we as parents are serving up the apple every day to our kids, making them doubt their own intuition. We all do it in the name of being good parents, but real parenting is not perpetrating a system of lies, but teaching kids to find their inner strength and never doubting it. Let them find their own interests, they will give you the signals of what they want to learn and when.

Alexandra has so many interests and is very smart, even smarter than most of her ex-teachers. She will never have to stand in line asking permission to be something in life; she will make her own way and help others along the way. She has become my teacher. This one got saved, but don’t wait until it is too late. Look deeply into your children’s souls and see how you have hurt them by taking a bite of the apple.

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