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Who the Hell Am I?

Growing up, like a lot of kids, I felt kind of stupid compared to most people... I was actually okay feeling dumb, if dumb meant that I did not have to compete with the smart kids in school, do hours of homework, or achieve something that I did not love. 

If being dumb was knowing that I would not have to prove myself to anyone, and I could go under the radar of being expected to perform like a monkey to please teachers or friends and family, I was just fine and happy! I am now free to be an award-winning chef and author, rancher, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, counselor to troubled youth, silversmith, cooking show host, serial entrepreneur, and so much more. Wow, so glad I felt dumb when I was young! I now don’t feel dumb anymore; I feel confident and free to fail or succeed. It’s not whether you fail or succeed, it’s how you deal with it. 

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Dianne Linderman

who the hell am i

I have always been a kid whisperer, as I am a firm believer that every child is a self-contained human, full of their own interests and personality. Because my dad saved me from being forced to conform to what the world expected of me, I became Me. I hope to inspire kids and adults to find their true love and interest, which allows them to become themselves. It does not matter how old you are, 5 years old to 100 years old, you can start a business, create something, or just grow a garden. This is what makes us Americans. 

For 15 years I had my own conservative radio talk show, “Everything That Matters Radio”—9 years on a  local station, and 6 years nationally syndicated on Talk Radio Network. I have since moved to Texas and decided to create a podcast called, “Everything That Matters”.

I look forward to sharing things I have learned, parenting tips, cooking tips, ideas about entrepreneurship, and some kitchen table politics. I am an undocumented life coach and above all else, the queen of Everything That Matters. Please join me for my syndicated radio talk show come back to life in my "Everything That Matters Podcast" where we can have a good old-fashioned American debate, or at least I will supply food for thought.

David and Dianne Linderman

Dianne and David Linderman

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People wonder how I ever got my very own radio show…

Well, I have four brothers, and they sometimes joked that I needed my own radio show because I never stopped talking about the things I loved and created. So I knew someone, who knew someone, and I got an interview for a Saturday local show. I showed up on time, sat with the big wigs, and I just talked and talked and talked. They agreed I needed my own two hour show, talking about everything that matters. Hence the name of my show, “Everything That Matters”. First I talked about parenting, business, decorating, and cooking, then I just could not help myself! I started talking about politics (That is "POLY-TICKS" —as in many blood sucking leaches!) Well, the focus of my show became looking at the light side of the dark side of how people think, and I took up Conservative politics. It became a call-in show. I not only had parenting calls on how to help insane teenagers and how to motivate them, I also had crazy Democrats telling me how crazy I was. I also got to talk to real people and realized that I had no filter and did not know what political correctness was.


I took my radio show nationwide and loved it. For about six years, it was nationally syndicated on over 30 stations. Talk Radio Network (TRN) was the third largest radio network in the county, and when it went down, so did my show. Now three years later, I have the need to talk again. I want to bring to the forefront the truth about the American Dream with my podcast, “Everything That Matters”. We all have to do something bold to help this country, or we will lose America. Are you ready for me to blah, blah, blah and talk some common sense, and hopefully get some interest from the apocalyptic zombies? I love a good argument; it’s practice for dealing with mindless people. I give you my word that I will try to wake up people that are asleep and zombie brainwashed from too much schooling and too much influence from insane liberals. I will try to broadcast daily, and I hope you will join me. I look forward to a good debate, but I am warning you, I am a Conservative mom who does not understand what political correctness means. So, if you want to hate me, start now. I will never hate you, but because of my nurturing nature, I will try to fix you. That’s just what I do. Love you all.

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