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  • Dianne Linderman

Dumbing Down America

Last week I had the greatest opportunity to go to Hawaii with my 14-year-old son, Luke. Our company was contracted for a month-long engagement on Oahu and was provided with a beautiful condo and a car. Luke and I took full advantage and spent ten days there, staying in the same 2-bedroom condo along with a few of our business partners and employees. It was very comfortable, but we all know that when you live with people you really get to know them well.

One day, one of our younger staff members, Janet, was busy in the kitchen cooking mac-n-cheese, when my son looked over her shoulder. He innocently pointed out to her that it was watery and the way we prepared mac-n-cheese at home made it creamier. My unsuspecting son was suddenly assaulted by an overreacting, angry 19-year-old girl who threw down her spatula and screamed, “Then don’t eat it!” Fuming, she ran into the bedroom, slamming the door, as if someone had just done something incredibly cruel to her. My son looked at me with a puzzled expression and I quickly explained to him that he had just witnessed, for the first time, an attempt to dumb him down and intimidate him to prevent him from speaking his mind. I explained that many women have been trained to dumb down men by over reacting to any form of criticism. I assured him that he had done nothing wrong.

Three hours later Janet, still pouting, came out of her room, and now it was my opportunity to free this girl from the bondage of what was put on her by her mom. I calmly asked her, “Do you really think that your reaction was a right reaction?” She looked confused because, in the “real world,” her reaction would have been normal. I turned directly to my son as Janet stood there and said strongly, “Luke, as long as you are being thoughtful and fair, never, never stop speaking your mind no matter how a person reacts to you.” Overreacting with rage is an attempt to dumb you down and women especially will do this to you to keep you from speaking up to them. Have you ever watched teen girls being cruel to boys?” He said, “Yes, all the time!” “This is where they practice being controlling women,” I said, “and young, hormonal boys are in such need of approval from these girls that it gives them control. I want you to know, Luke, that most girls really don’t want all that control and they actually hate the people they are able to control.”

I then turned to Janet and asked if this was the way that her mom dealt with her father and she said, “Yes!” I continued, “How did it make you feel when you saw your mom degrading your dad like that?” She answered that she hated every minute of it. I then asked her if this was the way she wanted to be in her life, and she started to cry and said, “No!” I explained that her behavior was not coming from strength but only showed her weakness. I told her strongly that it was not acceptable and that she was wrong. Because Janet is a deep-thinking girl, she truly appreciated the correction, and, in fact, it took her to a new level. I found out that she had not spoken to her mother for a year. I showed her that she had become what she hated and that she needed to find forgiveness for her parents because they were a product of the same type of upbringing. She immediately went back into the bedroom and made the phone call, apologizing to her parents for her anger towards them. She told them that she needed to sit down and express what they had done to her. With this experience, she was somewhat freed, and all it took was not allowing her to feel justified in her attempt to dumb down my son with her fit of rage.

Now, the real reason I am sharing this story with you is to illustrate how our entire country is being dumbed down and why no one stands for anything anymore. If you just look at this one example, then multiply it by the billions of times a day young kids, especially boys, are being robbed of their manhood and girls are being trained to be controllers, you’ll see generations of imbalanced, dysfunctional families in our future taking away any hope for a strong America.

We all must take a stand and stop reacting to this false type of authority. Our reaction gives weight and strength to this form of injustice, but the moment we see it for what it is, we shine the light on its falseness, weakening its core, and we become stronger. It wants us to react; that is where it gets its power. A non-reaction will bring out the truth, as it did with Janet when Luke and I didn’t react. She was waiting to be freed from the burden of this form of cruelty.

Don’t be confused by what is happening in our country; see it for what it is, don’t react, stand up to it, and help America to become the pillar of freedom that it once was.

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