No Bullies, No Pressures, No Reasons to Fail!

Updated: Jun 30

Does this describe your children’s school? If it doesn’t, get your kids out! Now ask yourself, “What should I do with my kids if they don’t go to public school?” The answer will be one of the ultimate sacrifices put before you! You might have to move, you might have to home-school your children, and you might have to be inconvenienced.

I am convinced that our children begin to lose their innocence the moment they enter into public school and leave the protection of their parents. Here, our children are trained out of their carefree, spirited, fun-loving selves into obedient, well-trained students, or failing that, they may become rebellious punks or bullies. My father could have raised my four brothers and I in England where we would have learned to be proper and most likely suppressed. Instead, he knew that he wanted his kids to be raised in America, where we would be free to find our own grace, and if we did find it, it would be real, not learned.

If you find yourself believing that teachers are the authority, then you have just betrayed your child. When this happens, many kids start to lose their trust in their parents as protectors and end up making friends their newfound families. My dad spent many years in the faces of our teachers not allowing them to suppress us or train us out of our carefree spirits. He remains to this day a prime example of what intuitive authority is, and as a good father, he has helped give my four brothers and I the gift of free spiritedness and the knowing that our Heavenly Father is our ultimate authority. If we don’t look to others to be our authority, then we will be grounded in the soil of real strength.

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