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Men and Their Weakening Anger; Women and Their Submissive Cruelty

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Ladies, do you really love your husbands? Do your husbands get angry with you easily? Do find yourself wanting to please your husband and keep the peace, or should I say, calm the monster in your husband? Do you feel that it is your duty and responsibility to keep your husband happy at any cost and so you are phony sweet or maybe you even start a conversation about someone that you both can judge just to steer his anger away from you to some other soul? Do you even find yourself doing what your husband wants and likes just to keep him off your back, not because it’s right to do, and even after you do these things, he is still not happy? Do feel that if you speak up to him, he will become enraged, and so you suppress all of your thoughts and feelings? Because you hold it all in, the essence of your resentment eventually creeps through your false happy face, and then when your husband tries to pry it out of you, he gets even angrier because he knows you are holding back your feelings. Is this the never-ending wicked cycle of life that many of you live in? Then I have some waking up news for you:

Your submissiveness is the creator of the Monster!

Your weakness enrages the wrong, your people-pleasing tempts his manliness, your lack of self-respect and strength teases and fuels the wickedness, and the continued lack of speaking up with true conviction contributes to the monster you have helped cultivate in your husband!  True love is true objectivity; it offers and delivers observations without womanly emotion; it gives no feedback but only reflection when met with anger. True love is grounded and dignified, sometimes strong, sometimes powerful, but it should never be weak and whiny!  I like to say it should be almost business-like.  Being a strong woman is not being overpowering; it is having a simple, powerful love that takes on a life of its own that is Godly and is pure forgiveness!  The truly strong woman frees the husband to be the man, keeps things simple, does not indulge in intrigue, loves life and all that is in it and is completely carefree!

Men, do you easily anger at your wives and others? Do you find yourself being impatient with your wives, kids, and any and all people and even things? Do you feel that no one understands the way you feel? Do you feel that you have to put up with everyone’s foolishness, because you are supposed to be a man? Do you feel completely justified in your anger and that no one will ever know what you are going through in life? Do you feel like running away where there are no stupid people to deal with— especially women? Then I have some waking up news for you:

You are what you hate!

You are the weakness in your wife, the selfishness in your kids. You are the one who does not understand what others are going through, and you are the one without love, understanding and patience! You are the stupid one who with one moment of true love, true tolerance, and true patience could set the entire family on the road to true happiness! It all starts with facing the truth of the truth, which is the most painful, but freeing spirit. To not blame others for your own failures, to forgive those who have wronged you, to be free from judgment, false love and anger is what every human being needs in order to be freed themselves. An ounce of unselfish admittance can free the spirits of you, your family and all who come in contact with you and you’ll all live happily ever after.

These principles are life’s principles and because we are not man or woman, but human beings, we all can live by these values to free our souls of all that controls us!

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