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  • Dianne Linderman

Kids and Discovery

Do you believe if you allowed your children to have a healthy freedom, they would learn just about everything they would ever need to know on their own? I do, and I call it discovery!

If you live in fear your children are not learning or are not the smartest or most athletic and think that if you pressure them and help them to be better than everyone in their class, you will assure the perfect outcome for them—well, think again! You have just bought into the biggest and most destructive lie!

When you see your baby trying to walk and communicate or your kids becoming fascinated with bugs, lizards, or even rocks, if you can stand back and let them have space—then you have just told them that you believe in them and they are capable of anything. It is a form of faith!

Show your children what the meaning of self-reliance is. Don’t rob them of their interest and they will remain interested in everything. Give your kids a healthy freedom!

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