Don’t Overprotect Your Kids!

As I observe parents with their children, I notice that it is mostly women who are overprotective. Why? They have a need to control the outcomes of their children. Does this sound a little like playing God?

I have witnessed the power women feel as they exercise control over every aspect of their children’s lives: always guessing their every step to keep them completely safe, making them study so they will be smart, choosing their clothes, friends, and food, not letting anyone reprimand them or find any fault, keeping them from any pain, hurt, or negativity, and ultimately, keeping them padded from life itself.

If this is you, then what has become of your child’s identity? Who is this small being and what will happen to this child if he or she cannot build character, strength, visions, and faith? You have set this child up to be anyone’s child and here lies the danger.

The world is full of gangs gobbling up our weak, characterless children that we have set up to fail! We have set up our children to entertain anyone’s identity, and have not prepared them to be secure, strong, planted beings who are able to recognize the wicked and cunning stalkers of this world. We have not clothed our beautiful children in character and virtue; we have only played God by not allowing them to feel stress and pain and not allowing them to learn how to make the right choices.

Our job as parents is to act as a stealth observer, never letting our children know that we are watching over them while allowing them to feel, see, and experience some of the wrong in the world, as we stand as a powerful example of how to deal with life!

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