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Everything That Matters Podcast  •  Dianne Linderman

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Who the Hell Am I?

Growing up, like a lot of kids, I felt kind of stupid compared to most people... I was actually okay feeling dumb, if dumb meant that I did not have to compete with the smart kids in school, do hours of homework, or achieve something that I did not love.


If being dumb was knowing that I would not have to prove myself to anyone, and I could go under the radar of being expected to perform like a monkey to please teachers or friends and family, I was just fine and happy! I am now free to be an award-winning chef and author, rancher, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, counselor to troubled youth, silversmith, cooking show host, serial entrepreneur, and so much more. Wow, so glad I felt dumb when I was young! I now don’t feel dumb anymore; I feel confident and free to fail or succeed. It’s not whether you fail or succeed, it’s how you deal with it. ...READ MORE...

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Speaking Engagements

Dianne Linderman, founder of the Great American Entertainment Company, is now sharing her inspiration and success as a motivational speaker.


For information on booking Dianne as a speaker please contact

541-512-1100 or email

To contact Dianne directly call 541-761-2007

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Dianne's Vintage "Everything That Matters" Radio Shows

Dianne Linderman is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, and for 15 years, her show, "Everything That Matters, in Life, Business, Parenting, Cooking, and Kitchen Table Politics", was broadcast on over 40 stations nationwide. Sadly, TRN, the network that produced and syndicated her show, had difficulties and ultimately dissolved. Dianne's vintage shows remain popular today and are available on the Apple Podcast app and this website.

Interview with Al and Lisa Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" — Dec. 16, 2014

Dianne talked about… how our President has become a dictator, and the country does not react. Dianne shares her interview with Al and Lisa Robertson in the second hour. Recipes: Deviled Eggs and Cranberry Relish

Do You Feel Empowered as an American — Show from Jan. 22, 2017

Dianne talked about... Women protesting against what? Do you feel empowered as an American? Listen to a call from a wise 90-year-old. What kids are learning when you don’t teach them a good work ethic. What a Globalist is. Trades people are invaluable. Obama fomented bad race relations. Recipe: Lox, Bagels and Cream Cheese

Democrats Have Become the Party of Terrorists — Show from Jan. 15, 2017

Dianne talked about... How democrats have become the party of terrorists. Could care less about House democrats boycotting inauguration. They want to disrupt our society with civil strife. Why do celebs and politicians think they are above us? Democrats react to everything “Trump” to bring him down… The scent of civil war is on the breath of the arrogant democrats… Don’t be intimidated. Blue states – crime, drugs, corruption on the rise. Scandals in the Obama administration. Recipe: Mexican Macaroni & Cheese

These articles were written by Dianne for several different publications on topics ranging from parenting to relationships to education to politics. Although they were authored several years ago, they are truly timeless and discuss principles invaluable in today's world. 


The Blessing of Appreciation

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How Easily We Forget!

It’s real arrogance that alleviates our conscience of the awareness of how and why we even came to exist on this earth! Every moment of every day presents a new opportunity to grasp even a spark of appreciation for our Heavenly Dad, (God). It is as easy as taking a drink of soda, eating a candy bar, or even screaming at our kids, hating a friend or family member, or whatever takes you away from this most important moment of your life, and boom, you lose the sweetness of what real life is. 


The Hypocrisy of Education

mary and kids planting seeds kcc -

We all start out in life with the same road map.  We turn five years old, and everyone tells us how fun school is going to be. You wake up the morning of your first day of school, and you are kind of excited because all the things that were told to you about school sound so exciting and fun. You will be able to do arts and crafts, play with other kids, learn your ABCs and the list goes on. ...READ MORE...

How to Inspire Your Teenagers

kids sitting on benches with goats downl

If you have teenagers, then you are in for either the best time of your parenting life or the worst! I’m not sure at what age your fun-loving kids turn into hormonal blobs in angry, frustrated, adult-sized bodies with no concept of maturity and the mentality of a ten-year-old, but this can be prevented! The things you do with your kids when they are young will spill over into what they become when they are teenagers, and subsequently when they are adults.   ...READ MORE...

For Better or for Worse

david and dianne wedding pic downloaded

As I mature and grow into my own person, my window into life becomes clearer every day. I am beginning to truly understand what the term "finding yourself" or "becoming yourself" really means! I want to direct this article to married couples, specifically the dutiful and decent and mostly good women who live by their vows of for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer and, especially, ‘til death do us part.  ...READ MORE...

No Bullies, No Pressures,

No Reasons to Fail!  

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Does this describe your children’s school?  If it doesn’t, get your kids out!  Now ask yourself, “What should I do with my kids if they don’t go to public school?”  The answer will be one of the ultimate sacrifices put before you! You might have to move, you might have to home school your children, and you might have to be inconvenienced.   ...READ MORE...

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Founded by David and Dianne Linderman

Thirty-eight years ago, David and Dianne Linderman created the Great American Entertainment Company, and since that first year, the company has been number one of its kind. Their quest is to make sure  every man, woman and child has an opportunity to realize how important agriculture is, and to keep the culture of farming and ranching alive and thriving. 

Since 1983, our company has delivered 5-star, educational, hands-on Ag-utainment attractions and shows to the event, fair, and rodeo industry. We strive to be the best of the best in everything we do! Our animals are beautiful, healthy and are part of our family. When we are not traveling around the country you can find all of us along with our animals on our beautiful 52-acre ranch in Stephenville, Texas. 

Houston petting farm

Great American Petting Farm

at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The most unexpected opportunity that followed the company's founding was that, year after year, dozens of troubled teens showed up needing help. David and Dianne found that bringing troubled teens to work around animals was the best therapy on earth, and soon the Lindermans became experts in working with these kids. Many of them have grown up in this company and have learned the importance of a good work ethic, and are now partners and junior partners of the Great American Entertainment Co. LLC. 

For more information about Great American Entertainment, go to

The videos below were created by David and Dianne's son, Luke Linderman, a brilliant young filmmaker, and are a tribute to the purpose and quest of their company. These inspirational videos are fun to watch and show the beauty and true American spirit of the Great American Entertainment Company.

America The Beautiful

A tribute to the American Dream and the Heroes Who Fight for It

We are Great American Entertainment

Find Your Greatness

Who is Great American Entertainment?

The Great American Experience

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Filmed at Great American Lone Star Ranch—in a barn converted into a TV studio—Dianne's, "Cooking Americana", cooking show became instantly popular on YouTube.


 Twelve of her healthy, simple, and incredibly delicious home-cooked family recipes are showcased like never before and come to life before your eyes. Filmed by her son, Luke Linderman, a young, brilliant filmmaker, Dianne's popular YouTube cooking show never ceases to inspire and amaze.

Click below to watch episode 1

"How to Make THE BEST BBQ Ribs Without A BBQ!"

Click below to watch episode 2

"GREEK YOGURT Mashed Potatoes"

Click below to watch episode 10

"Crunchy Texas Tacos"

cooking americana show

Great American Lone Star Ranch

Our home base in Stephenville, Texas

Great American Lone Star Ranch

If you are looking for a luxurious resort,

then the Great American Lone Star Ranch is not for you! ...

We are, however, one of the most inviting, warm, cozy, authentic, family-oriented Ranch and Farm Experiences you will find. We are a beautiful 52-acre ranch, one and a half miles from Stephenville, Texas.

Great American Lone Star Ranch

Six years ago, David and Dianne Linderman along with their 10 business partners, made the decision to move their company and their families from Oregon, to beautiful Stephenville, Texas. Dianne found Stephenville by unfolding a large Texas map, and closing her eyes, asking God to pick the place where they should move.  With her finger pointed, she lowered it to the map where it landed on Stephenville.... and the rest is history...

Great American Lone Star Ranch is now the go-to place in Stephenville, Texas for fun family activities, incredible events, and great food! It's the home of Dianne's Ranch Diner, Kids Can Cook Academy, Cooking Classes for Adults, Guided Ranch Adventure Tours, Weddings, Events, Retreats, and an incredible bed and breakfast! See details below...

Ranch Adventure Tours

- at -

Great American Lone Star Ranch

We continue our mission to keep the love of agriculture alive by inviting the community to experience our Guided Ranch Adventure Tours. Our highly trained Ranch Wranglers will take our guests on a once-in-a-lifetime, hands-on walking tour to meet wallabies, deer, and hundreds of tame, beautiful animals. This is not only very educational, but so entertaining! Guests will meet Hustler, our three-legged mini horse with a prosthetic leg and groom him and hear his story. They will also learn to milk a goat, collect eggs, make a rope, clean some pens (if they want), and feed, pet, and groom our friendly animals. The grand finale is our huge baby yard full of kid goats, lambs, ducks, and chickens and whatever else may pop out in the near future. The tour ends with each guest planting their own little herb garden that they can take home. This all lasts about 60 to 90 minutes. An incredible, fun experience for the whole family! 

Tours are available every day throughout the summer, for groups of 10 or less at a time, by reservation only. Price is $20 per person—ages 3 and under are free with an adult admission.

For more information check out,

and for reservations please call Pamela at


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Cooking show host and chef, Dianne Linderman, brings you, “Kids Can Cook", a cooking show presented at state and county fairs and rodeos around the country. And now, at Great American Lone Star Ranch in Stephenville, Texas (90 minutes southwest of Dallas), you can join Dianne at her "Kids Can Cook Academy."


"I love the kitchen and I love kids. Not only is it the place where delicious things happen, but it’s the heart of the home where families gather to talk, cook, and eat together. If there’s a child in your family, I’ll bet he or she has popped into the kitchen before mealtime asking, 'Whatcha making?' and 'Can I help?' I can’t wait to meet those kids and share real home-style, made from scratch and with love, simple, healthy recipes, and show them where their food comes from with our incredible Ranch Adventure." ...LEARN MORE...

For reservations call 541-531-9100


Stephenville, Texas

Just a mile and a half  from the center of Stephenville, Texas, you will find the Ranch Girls cooking up a storm, making fresh ranch meals using farm-to-table recipes from Dianne Linderman’s famous cooking shows, cook books, and three famous restaurants.

We hear the hungry calling in the middle of this pandemic, and we are answering the call with Dianne’s Ranch Diner — freshly cooked and frozen family meals, ready for you to pop in the oven and heat. 

All delicious ranch-made meals are made with love in our commercial kitchen and ready for you to pick up freshly frozen or unfrozen! Nationwide shipping will soon be available!

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Cooking Classes for Adults

Due to the overwhelming number of requests from customers who love her food at Dianne's Ranch Diner...


Dianne will soon be offering cooking classes for adults held in Dianne's Ranch Diner's commercial kitchen. She teaches guests some of her simple, healthy and delicious recipes and shows them some of her tricks of the trade to make life and meals easy and healthy. After the class, guests can go home and wow their families.


For information and reservations call


Enter your email below and we will contact you when classes become available:

Thanks for submitting!

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Great American Lone Star Ranch 

It's the most beautiful place you could imagine to celebrate the most important day of your life. 

For information, call Pamela at


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Great American Lone Star Ranch 


Retreats consist of brainstorming ideas for your specific industry and profession, building confidence through learning how not to fear failure, and discovering bold and thoughtful solutions. Dianne believes that there is a simple solution for every problem in life. The joy should be in the searching for the solution not fearing the failure. 

Sometimes the fix is as simple as relaxing under the stars around our fire pit, waking up in the morning for a walk on our ranch, or helping feed and care for over 200 animals. The art of doing things through joy instead of pressure will allow the retreat group to walk away full of ideas with a new outlook on what life holds for them. 

retreat meeting in living room at vintag

Corporate Retreats... 

Team building, finding inspiration for new ideas, keeping it truly simple in a relaxing meeting space with delicious food and beautiful 


Family Retreats...

Bring your whole family and learn to love, like, and enjoy each other again while fishing together in our ponds, working with our animals, doing chores on the ranch, cooking together, and talking out old problems.

around the fire pit FB.jpg

Brainstorming Retreats... 

Bring your new business ideas and we can help you and your colleagues develop them. Nothing more exciting than starting a new business or re-thinking your old business.

Art Retreats... 

Want to bring out your inner artist? Dianne's daughter, Alexandra, is a self-taught artist, fearless in her approach to drawing and art. She is an amazing artist and will teach you what she knows and show you that being inspired is one of the most important parts of being good at anything. 

alexandra artwork logo
dianne teaching cooking during retreat

Cooking Retreats... 

Dianne’s department. She has had years of experience performing cooking shows on stage, teaching kids and families how to cook simple healthy and delicious meals. You will love this as a team-building activity, and walk away with the feeling you can cook anything.

Farm Retreats… 

If you ever wanted to have your own farm or ranch, then spend a week or longer and become part of our team. You will learn a little or a lot of animal husbandry including feeding, grooming, training, and medical. You can look through a microscope to identify worm eggs, trim goat hooves, groom a pony and much more. We even have a backyard farm book you can purchase to take with you. It is a compilation of procedures we have perfected throughout 40 years of experience feeding and caring for our animals.

alexandra kissing horse
girl feeding pygmy goats
Great American team

Team Building Retreats…

This is fun. Let's see how well you all work together when there is some animal chaos: pigs got out, catch that goat, pick those hooves. Plant an herb garden. Learn to weld. Our team of 12 partners are proof that working as a team is the best way to get projects done.  

Leadership Retreats… 

Are you a leader?  Lets find out if you have the skills to be a leader. We have found that leaders rise from the most unexpected places.  To us, leadership is vision, strength of conviction, and most important, follow-through!

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kids at pond

Relax and Renew Retreats…

Don’t do anything but eat, relax, and renew. We have three ponds for fishing, you can take a bike ride on our country road, go sightseeing, or just sit on our deck and look out over the ranch all day.

Girlfriend Retreats… 

”Let’s Talk Chocolate." Cook, learn to crochet, go junkin' at the best trade days, go fly fishing and wine tasting, walk with 25 beautiful ponies and groom them, watch movies in your PJs in our big, cozy living room on our leather couches. Just simple fun.

retreat hats
cody with calf FB.jpg
david in shop FB tinypng.jpg

Father's and Men's Retreats…

Need to hang with real men? Meet David Linderman and Denver Boyer and the other men that run the ranch. What do they do all day? They fix stuff, build stuff and weld stuff. They even talk about men's stuff. Then fish in our ponds, or hop aboard our pontoon boat on Lake Granbury for a guided fishing adventure. David also builds vintage cars and is a master designer of everything. You need an idea, ask him.

Fly Fishing Retreats...

We have three large ponds full of fish!  You can learn art of fly fishing from a professional fly fishing guide and even learn how to tie your own flies!

sarah with fish
Luke with 4 fish.jpg
vintage bikes

Junkin' in the Hood Retreats…

Do you love junkin' as much as we do? Let’s go! We have a large van and will take you and your friends to all the local trade days to buy incredible, collectible, and unique items, and then you can bring them back to the ranch to learn what to do with them. 

For more information or to book a retreat call 541-761-2007

alexandras goat and chicken artwork

Dianne and her business partners own four absolutely gorgeous, fully furnished vacation rentals, in Stephenville and Granbury, Texas. in addition, they are about to open the 5000-square foot Great American Lone Star Ranch House as a bed and breakfast. It is their joy to welcome guests to the towns they love and also to house their retreat guests in comfort and style. 

Firefly Inn

Close to Tarleton University, 3 bed/2 bath, sleeps 8+. Family style, Horse Friendly

Are you looking for that special place only 1 ½ miles from the town of Stephenville, Texas with all the attributes of a movie-style ranchette, including a horse pasture and a BBQ under the covered backyard patio? Introducing, "The Firefly Inn," a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home with an open concept living room, dining room, kitchen and everything you need to feel right at home. This adorable ranch-style home will bring you back to the good old days – the owners love the vintage cowboy and cowgirl feel. The adorable galley kitchen, complete with Pioneer Woman dishes and vintage décor, make this house a home! If you are an artist, a cowboy, a family member visiting your son or daughter at Tarleton University, or just want to get out of the city while the world goes crazy, this is the perfect place. We welcome you with a big Texas hug

Vintage Rose Cottage

Pictures and words cannot describe this absolutely beautiful Vintage Rose Cottage home, minutes from Tarleton University. And for those working in health services, it's located only a few blocks from the hospital, just off the town square in a quiet neighborhood in Stephenville, Texas. This gorgeous home is 135 years old and was once owned by the wealthiest man in Stephenville! Each of the four bedrooms is themed making you feel like you are in a magazine, with comfortable beds and all the amenities of a fine inn! The Vintage Rose Cottage can sleep 10 people and our two adorable bathrooms are full baths! You are minutes from everything! Your stay in this home will be more than just a visit to Stephenville; it will be an incredible experience for the whole family!

Cottage on Lake Granbury

If you ever wanted to go to a place to write a book, compose music, paint, or just unwind from stress and even fish off a dock, this beautifully decorated, cozy lakefront home with every single amenity you can think of is that place! We have provided everything possible for the most fun, relaxing, and creative time you could possibly have! This is a warm and inviting lakefront home in a gated community with access to a playground and boat load-in with parking. So bring your boat or jet skis and picnic baskets! Fish off our dock and land a catfish or bass. Have a BBQ on our huge deck and grill your catch of the day. If you love cooking, our kitchen is a cook's dream with a view of the lake! Close to everything, you will love your visit to beautiful Granbury, Texas! 

For more information and reservations visit our website:

Or call 541-761-2007

kids can cook book cover
recipies from the road cover
everything that matters cook book cover
camp cooking book cover
how to become an entrepreneurial kid FB
ETM book cover FB tinypng.jpg

coming soon

Dianne has authored four incredible cook books, as well as three children's story books in the series, "Entrepreneurial Kids' Books", and a workbook, "How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid".  She will soon release her long-awaited, auto-biographical book, "Everything That Matters".

Dianne's Cookbooks

—unbelievably simple, healthy, and delicious recipes created throughout her life experiences of owning three incredible restaurants and hosting three highly popular traveling cooking shows.

Entrepreneurial Kids Books

Dianne has made it her life's mission to nurture kids' natural entrepreneurial spirit and inspire and teach them to start their own businesses. Recently she combined her three individual kids' story books and her business plan workbook into one book. "How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid" gives kids (and adults!) all the basics they need to start their own businesses and begin the journey to confidence and freedom! 

Everything That Matters

in Life, Business, Parenting, Cooking, and Kitchen Table Politics

Dianne has a unique ability to inspire audiences of all ages when she talks about her failures and her successes in life. This book is both hilarious and inspiring, and Dianne hopes for nothing more than to encourage her readers to pursue their dreams and not to be discouraged by their failures.


Want to be the first to know when Dianne releases her book, "Everything That Matters; A real life adventure in Life, Business, Parenting, Cooking, and Kitchen Table Politics"? Enter your email below! 

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