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  • Dianne Linderman

The Blessing of Appreciation

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

How Easily We Forget!

It’s real arrogance that alleviates our conscience of the awareness of how and why we even came to exist on this earth! Every moment of every day presents a new opportunity to grasp even a spark of appreciation for our Heavenly Dad, (God). It is as easy as taking a drink of soda, eating a candy bar, or even screaming at our kids, hating a friend or family member, or whatever takes you away from this most important moment of your life, and boom, you lose the sweetness of what real life is.

The lack of the true spirit of appreciation has to be the worst of all regrets in life once you wake up. Most people don’t appreciate anything unless they lose it. We are so lost in our misery, that we cannot see the beauty of our own children, or the trees and flowers that have been sent to us special delivery. We are so caught up in our selfishness, envy, stress, excitement, false love, and everything in between that we walk over our friends, family, and kids to get where our own will wants to go and then we are miserable when we get there. The only thing on this earth that makes a person un-happy is pure un-appreciation!!!

If you could even have a spark of real appreciation, you would notice how blue the sky is and how green the grass is; you would suddenly notice the beauty in a grain of sand. Above all, you would notice how beautiful your children are and how even the bad things your kids do have a sweetness, especially when you deal with them correctly and see them wake up in the moment of truth.

Most importantly, true appreciation frees the real you and even sweetly effects all that comes in contact with you. True appreciation never forgets even the small things that others have done for you, and why they made a difference in your life. This frees you to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. True appreciation is a gift, and based upon what I see, very few people on this earth have it or even know that they don’t!

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