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What is Real Leadership?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Sunday, January 30, 2011

For me it’s simple! Doing what I know and love, having a deep-rooted direction and not allowing anyone to derail me. Here’s an example: I was working with one of the young girls in my company, setting up one our beautiful attractions at a fair, and we were down to the last details. (I am a firm believer that you never leave out any details, especially when these details are what make our business great!) The girl tried her best to get me to forget the last few details so we could go home for the day because she was tired! I saw her efforts as a very interesting study, so I allowed her to use her subtle will to try to convince me to just settle for what we had done. I found it astonishing that she tried every manipulation, even telling me that the attraction was so beautiful the way it was and that no one would ever notice the tiny details that I was attending to! I finally had enough of her tugging and took this lesson to a place she did not expect; I used my true leadership skills and showed her a fascinating principle.

I looked at her and asked this simple question, “If I were to listen to you and not listen to myself, and not attend to the details, what do you think would happen to my company? What would happen to me as a person if you could talk me out of my own principles—principles that I have built my life and business upon? Worse yet, what would happen to you, a lazy, dishonorable person who thinks that your opinion really matters, when it is only about you and not the future of my company? Worse yet, if you want to live a life of nothingness, then you can remain a minimalist, and you will be assured a minimal existence!” These words may seem harsh to you, but they snapped her out of her journey of tearing down success and she now is a star employee/partner in my company. This scenario happens every minute of every day, and a real leader recognizes that people can go either way and watches and waits to see those who will not snap out of that destructive state and weeds them out. After a while, you can simply flick them off of your shoulder like a bug.

However, every once in a while, a person will come along who may even be well-meaning at first, but will eventually try to pull you and your whole company down into their trap. They can be the most useful people in the world. They will do everything for you in the name of respect and for the cause. They subtly make sure you know how much they do, and cast a tiny shadow of doubt on your other staff, especially your finest, most loyal associates or family members. Sometimes they don’t even know what they are doing, compelled to undermine while looking like they are the most important, always there and willing! They are always some sort of expert in something, which is their greatest tool. I call this their separation tool which they use with pinpoint accuracy like a sword. They gradually bring down the morale of a business and even families because they are not real leaders. Trust me, I have experience with these types of people—they are so good at what they do, you want to adopt them and put them in your will. I almost lost my entire company to one of these people, but it ended up being the best awakening I have ever had. A real leader is the perfect equalizer. Their strength is in their purpose, which is not their own. They are not always aware of why they move in a certain direction, but rarely even question, because a great leader has great faith. A real leader helps liberate a searching person from their fears and conditioning, and raises them up out of their box to see for brief moments the freedom and opportunities that real leaders see! These brief opportunities to see life lit up is all it takes for the true leader to help others out of their tangled mess. There are some that will never be blessed with vision and ideas; their job is to simply tear down morale and to complicate life for everyone. A real leader simplifies the complicated and finds a solution for every problem, because it is their greatest joy to see what most people miss and to show them the simplicity of the solution. Many people miss the solution because they are about themselves and not the cause. A real leader never puts off until tomorrow what they know they need to do today! They move things off of their desk and conclude their tasks with ease. Most people love to work with a true leader because they feel life moves at a healthy rate, and they are inspired to dig a little deeper within themselves. A pretend leader will never understand a real leader. I have seen that people who pretend to be leaders are somewhat like a block of cement tied to your foot. Life does not move the way it should, and there is always a lot of waiting for non-leaders to direct, whereas a real leader knows how to delegate tasks, inspiring people to not only trust in themselves, but also to have an understanding of what real trust is. You will never know what a person is made of until you trust them at least once, and maybe a few hundred more times. A real leader does not hold back people from their potential; they see a person’s options, allowing each person to see their own potential. A real leader is not always aware of their leadership qualities, but they are always aware of their effect on both good and bad people and do not use their strength to hurt or destroy a person, (people do that to themselves). A real leader leads and does not trip people up. A real leader is born a real leader, and no matter what you do, you cannot stop them in their mission!

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