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The Emperor's (President Obama's) New Clothes

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Many of us look at the leader of the free world and are frozen in our footsteps, watching in amazement, as our country’s history of freedom is unraveled like a ball of yarn. The millions of good men and women who gave their lives for our freedom are not only being taken for granted, but are actually being looked down upon as if they were part of the problem and the builders of an evil empire. We all think that President Obama is the reason for the massive attack on our freedom that we are witnessing, but if you really think deeply about why a perfectly intelligent and even somewhat intellectually brilliant human being could give away our beloved country with the ease and confidence of an Acorn employee dishing out advice to a pimp and a prostitute and not get caught, you would come to understand that President Obama is just a puppet in a world of deeply distorted demonic power managers. These people care nothing about Obama as a person, but only see that he is the perfect tool to destroy America as we know it! A few days ago, I was teaching entrepreneurship to a class of sixth and seventh graders, and our project was to transform the school into a fair. The first lesson they needed to learn was how to run an event. I explained that they needed to choose a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. First, I asked all of the kids who were interested in being president to gather around me, and I explained what their responsibilities would entail, telling them they would have to be a good leader and direct people, as well as organize different committees, etc. Then each one stood in front of the class and spoke a few words about why they wanted to be president and what they could do. I was sure that this one young man would be chosen because he was so confident, strong, and had a lot of experience with making his own money. I just knew he was the one! Each student cast a vote on a slip of paper, and when the votes were counted, to my absolute shock, the kids had chosen a boy who was silly and had no abilities or experience, just a cute personality. I was disappointed because I knew that this boy could not do the job, but the kids were thrilled with their decision. This boy had a few friends who had rallied the other kids in the class to vote for him, and he rose to power. After that, they voted for treasurer, and again, they voted for the weakest candidate. I was shocked again. I talked to my friend who is the headmistress of this school and asked her how this happened and why people are so invested in personality and not in character and ability? She said something that was so true, “Dianne, the kids who won the election stand for nothing; they are everyone’s friend and they are all things to all people. Even though the kids like the boy who they elected president, he will not make it past his first task!” I had to take a step back and think. I saw what had happened in that classroom is exactly what had happened in our country’s Presidential election last fall. Candidate Obama had done nothing really clever, and he actually warned the country that he was going to make some fundamental changes that would transform America into a new nation, and we sort of heard that but disbelieved our intuitions’ warnings. We need to give a big “Thank You” to the mainstream media for leading America to believe that Obama was a middle-of-the-road Democrat. Because they had an agenda of their own, they never pointed out any of his deceptions but only his warm, charming qualities and personality. Where in the world are the principled Democrats who will tell the Obama administration that the President isn’t actually wearing clothes, only make-believe suits that many of us actually see through. Even though the Obama administration thinks that many of us are dumb mobsters who want to make trouble, we are able to see the simple truth and are not going to allow him to make us, or our kids, believe that he is fully clothed! Many of our elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats, degrade us daily thinking that we are not aware of their own lack of clothing. We all see through their pretentious agendas and the backlash they are witnessing now is not going away. Americans are acting like true Americans again. We will remind them in upcoming elections not to mess with our freedom, and, oh yeah, they had better get out of their see-through clothing and put on the uniform of freedom again with the badge of honor pinned carefully to their principles, because us multi-tasking, entrepreneurial dads and moms are about to make some changes and would like to remind our elected officials that they work for us, and they are going to be fired!

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