• Dianne Linderman

Taking Back America Through Good Parenting

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Friday, October 9, 2009

America spends a lot of money trying to fight the bad guys, you know, the American bad guys. They are drug addicts, your kids, your friends, your wives, your husbands, your school teachers, your movie stars, the good, the bad, the underprivileged, the overprivileged and all those who have no love of self, country, or family. Our police are called on to make sense of the nonsense of people’s insane lives as they mediate the never-ending feuds of dysfunctional, loveless families. And no matter how our government tries to fix things, it simply doesn’t work!!!!

We have made our police into the nannies of our sick, dark natures. Our politicians have become our mothers, comforting and never holding anyone accountable for anything. As our government officials console and create dependency, a huge segment of our country is becoming impudent. All of these are the ingredients of an explosive soup, and the good guys are being thrown into the mix and stirred along.

Who is to blame for all of the drugs being purchased from American and Mexican drug dealers? Why is it that the streets run with blood all around our country where we have our own homegrown terrorists called gangs, but the news media rarely utters a word about this? Our government, backed by the media, spends most of its time keeping hard-working entrepreneurs fighting for their businesses, pointing fingers and assigning blame while keeping us distracted from the real truth about America—our broken families.

Your kids are taking drugs, going to parties, lying to you—looking for love in all the wrong places because they do not get it at home. They look for acceptance in friends, gangs, and bad guys! Why is it that many parents don’t know or don’t care where their kids are and what they might be doing? Recently, the news stations reported that a 14-year-old girl took some nude photos of herself and e-mailed them to her boyfriend. He in turn sent them to others and needless to say they are everywhere and he is now looking at going to prison. This is the perfect example of what has gone wrong with our entire country! WHERE is the parents’ responsibility in all of this? Just 2 years ago she was a twelve-year-old child, why would her parents give her a cell phone and let her have a boyfriend? Why would her parents not know what is going on in their child’s life? When does responsibility for a child end with a parent? I say never! I blame the majority of America’s problems on dysfunctional, irresponsible parents! But is the problem way too big for anyone to fix?

I believe that we can cure the virus that has spread throughout our country by waking up America’s parents and holding them accountable for their children’s actions. It will be an uphill battle because government authorities do not want parents to be responsible and have made it possible for them not to face their failed parenting skills; they want to blame society’s problems on anything but the parents.

Now is the time for parents to take America back by taking charge of our kids—always know where your kids are; don’t hand them cell phones; make them earn their own money; teach them that, as in business, freedom and success are earned by being responsible and accountable; talk to them and set boundaries; be aware of who their friends are; use reasonable punishment and follow through, (I have found the best form of punishment is grounding kids from friends and fun); share with them what is wrong with the world to help them spot the bad guys and the cons; and always be patient and not above reproach. Being a good parent can change the outcome of a child’s life. All it takes is true love!

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