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  • Dianne Linderman

Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Modern Day Samson and Delilah?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

March 25, 2011

Nancy Pelosi is no Delilah, but they have something in common, the ability to disarm even the most powerful men and reduce them to a mere weak link in the chain of leadership. This type of violation happens every day. Every time a man secretly glances over his shoulder to sneak a peek at a beautiful woman, or even when a man can relate to a woman like his long lost mom, that coddled him as a boy and created a need for acceptance through guilt, we become a nation of fools that falls to its knees from one simple kiss or each affection.

Have you ever been hugged by a violator, and deep down in your gut you knew that you were not supposed to submit to this crony but did not know what to do? So many people on this earth know the tragic, intimate truth about violators, but so many of us have been made to doubt the very core of who we are and what we have experienced. We have been lulled into a sleep that allows people like Nancy Pelosi and President Obama to rise to power. I have worked with troubled teenagers for thirty years, and the stories that I have heard about violators would make you want to jump off a cliff! These troubled teens have taught me so much about how we are formed as a people. Molesters, verbal and physical abusers, and the smiling, coddling, undermining, doubt-producing liars that roam our political system start out as so-called loving parents. 

The politically correct system that has always been in place, has kept the truth about this type of abuse from rising out of the darkness of so many homes. It has produced the perfect violator; I like to call her, “The Nancy Pelosi Political Machine.” She is brilliant at hiding behind her nice face, the thoughtful political outfits that she wears and the almost meek and kindly qualities that she portrays. But I can’t be alone when I say that I see the mean, angry, controlling monster that lurks behind all those smiles. She has been well groomed and is the perfect pick for her job because she knows how to use this sociopolitical power. 

John Boehner found this out the evening he was elected Speaker of the House as America witnessed the powerful Delilah embrace and kiss of death from Nancy Pelosi. He became a little boy all tangled up in the arms of his enemy, not understanding what that kiss really meant. It actually all began with his hatred and anger towards all the injustice that he has ever experienced. John Boehner has used this anger-fuel as his strength that powered his quest to conquer the bad guys in government and now here he stands with the most powerful and cruelest of them all, Nancy Pelosi. The problem with this is that the moment Delilah the disarmer was kind and warm, John was left without his armor, and his sword of truth fell to the ground along with his mission. The frightening thing is that now he is left confused about his quest and even feels that he may have to embrace the other side to keep the peace! John Boehner, a little like Samson, has been weakened by this experience. Before he had rage, frustration, anger and strength in his convictions of what he needed to do to help our country, but now, misty-eyed and confused, he is in a slump.

If John Boehner could understand this moment of truth, he could become Samson again. He would need to understand what really weakened him was not Nancy, but that his traumas from the cruelty of false accusations and the life he has led have made him sensitive. John Boehner’s hatred blinds him from the truth of who he really is and the mission that lies before him! He has to forgive the Nancy’s of the world to regain his dignity and strength. He cannot go into battle hating his enemy because his enemy is well trained in psychological warfare. Nancy would not know how to deal with someone who neither loves nor hates her. She would be the one confounded and confused if John could step up to the plate and not hate her or any past traumatic experiences, because she can only operate through people who are guilty. Her confidence is not real confidence, it is arrogance, and so many people confuse the two. John Boehner cries a lot because his sensitivities are surfacing.

Our country must have a leader that is hard to read, not because he has something to hide, but because he has nothing to hide. I believe John Boehner truly loves this country, but when it comes to confronting the real enemy, his anger, only time will tell if he can find his sword of truth and his shield of virtue again to save America from what seems inevitable!

If you are easily confused by people who are either very cruel or very sweet, (two sides of the same sword), try something new; don’t hate them, don’t love them, find your center and don’t be motivated or moved by any type of intimidation. You will always win.

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