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I Get In Trouble All The Time

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

September 3, 2009

I get in trouble all of the time — no matter where I go, who I am with, or what I am doing. I could simply be at the market and notice that the cashier has ten earrings in every orifice of her body and has an “I hate you attitude” about what she is doing. So, dumb me, I strike up a conversation with this person, and within minutes, I hear everything about this person’s life. Of course, I say something to hopefully enhance this person’s outlook and help point her towards another way of thinking, but no, this person starts screaming at me! So then a new opportunity arises for me; I now have to deal with speaking up to a person who probably heard something she may have never heard before, and I have to do it the way I would to anyone who overreacts, with patience, strength of conviction (this stops them from trying to intimidate me), and love!

Or, it could be that I am checking into a hotel, and the front desk clerk tries to confuse me, and I am now faced with the opportunity to practice standing up to confusion, and next, to intimidation. I am not intimidated! Now, the confused intimidator does not know what to do with me, so again, with strength of conviction, I speak to him as if he were going to understand me! 

I find that I really cannot care about the outcome of any confrontation. My job is done the moment I am not passive. The other side wins when we are passive and it loses when we are not! As I move around in this ocean of human beings, sadly I see that we have become a nation of quiet, angry, passive people who have no noble, warrior spirit. No one wants to stand up to anything anymore! The majority of people will choose to stand by and allow someone to abuse them and everyone around them, accepting poor customer service or even allowing a teacher to degrade their children.

Most people see what I see, but only a few dare stand up and deliver. I am not really that brave of a person, but not standing up is more frightening than being a weak, passive dog lying in the corner trying not to see the obvious. There is one warning that goes with this article: When you stand up, it has to be real. In order to make your awareness work for conviction and correction’s sake, you must be willing to look at yourself first, then no one can intimate you. Standing up is a human responsibility at its finest, and imagine if even just a few of us did not accept what is now the norm, we could change the world! 

As for me, I love getting in trouble, and I will always be in search of my own wrongs, so no one can intimidate me by seeing a weakness that I don’t already know I have. I also warn you that not every opportunity of speaking up is the right opportunity; some people would rather kill you than let you speak up to them. But if your boldness were real, you would already know this rule of engagement. If there was ever a time in your life to stand up, it is now!

My dad told me this when I was five years old and I have never forgotten it: 

Fear knocked at the door, Faith rose and opened it, and there was no one there.

#fear #faith #trouble

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