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  • Dianne Linderman

Evil's Brilliant Recipe

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Friday, March 30, 2012

I am a chef, a very good and natural chef. I just look at ingredients, and the recipes start flowing from within me. It is a gift. I am not always sure where my ideas come from, but I know that they are not from me!

I believe that each of us on this earth has a calling, something we are compelled to do, and many of us reach this calling and become successful, happy, strong and secure. Most of us recognize that our talents are gifts from something greater than ourselves and build upon this foundation. The appreciation of our gifts is what makes us a strong and determined nation made up of strong and determined people! It plants our feet in a firm foundation and scares the hell out of evil! There is nothing more frightening to evil than an honorable, confident, well-grounded nation of people!

But have you ever wondered about evil, and how it too makes its call, and how easily people are lead? How brilliantly it masks itself as good! How strange that evil would need to appear as good to make people its host! Why can’t evil stand on its own? We all see terrorists as evil, but after all, aren’t they just answering their calling? How did human beings allow themselves to sink so low as to believe that killing innocent people is the way to Heaven? It’s Evil’s Brilliant Recipe and I’ll explain how it works! To be able to hitch a ride on its host person, evil needs to hide its true identity, its dark and ugly agenda of power over the powerless. If evil could show itself for what it is, there would be no willing hosts because a potential host would see it for what it is. This awareness would alert the host, and when the host is aware, evil cannot attach itself. Let’s observe and become aware of how evil masks itself, and why it is becoming so easy to take over a nation. We’ll use food as a simplistic example. Every time you want a candy bar or those french fries or a double chocolate shake, your excuse mechanism rises up and gives you every reason to give in. The excuse comes in a voice that laughs away reason and even thoughtfulness for your own health. This is called compromise. Everyone has this weakness, but if you compromise for you own selfish purpose, you now have guilt. If you don’t want to own up to your weakness, the only way you can alleviate your guilt is to get others to compromise along with you. Now you have to protect your decisions, so you look for groups that feel that compromising principles, even if it means harming themselves or others, does not matter because all that matters is the feeling. Deep within ourselves we are all still protecting our original compromise. Each of us has some sort of sin that if we keep excusing and then compromising, will allow us to feel good for a fleeting moment. It all seems so worth it, but it is the perfect recipe for evil because it’s not dark, it does not seem intrusive to others, it is all about self, and it is giving into something stronger than the desire to do what is right. Eating the candy bar is not the sin; it is the willingness to give up your principles and excuse away the reason not to eat the candy bar. Evil has lured you in and fooled you into giving in, and you spend the rest of your life excusing your decisions instead of owning up to wrong choices.

Look at what is going on in America: people will take up arms to protect baby seals from being killed, but will sell morning-after pills in a vending machine. (Wouldn’t it be nice if seals could help our babies?) People will riot in the streets for the right to kill the life of a baby in the womb because they would rather justify their pro-choice agenda and seek that moment of fleeting pleasure of a romp in the sack rather than having self-respect — and respect for a human life! The rights of the wrong will always be protected, but the rights of the right are being whittled away along with America. There are many forms of terrorists; they can come in the form of cruel teachers and tainted university professors, unprincipled leaders, the entitled, and anyone who is not living by principles and is part of the cause for “fairness.” The call for fairness, which is now being perpetrated as goodness, makes their demands more powerful, stealing away your rights in the name of their rights. Fairness will always be the excuse, and most of us will stand by and allow it to happen because we have become a nation of fearful compromisers, never wanting to be the one who appears unfair. Compromise and fairness have taken on the same meaning. The confusing call from evil has become louder and more cunning and acceptable than ever before. It masks itself as just about anything that can make a person feel. Its job is to dull awareness and to give its host a sense, a feeling, of being needed and belonging to its cause. In so many ways it takes so little to confuse the willing to see good as evil and evil as good. Evil simply creates an army of foolish souls, more like sheep following their newfound leader, by arousing hidden guilts that it can prey upon! Because of a person’s past unresolved indiscretions and guilts, their soul is always seeking a release from guilt. By becoming a do-gooder, being more sensitive to the call of the needy, they walk arm-and-arm with other guilty souls. Now this army of sensitized people actually does the hard work for evil; they justify, excuse, and confuse and accuse decent, unsuspecting good people in order to create new followers. The rich and famous are the most guilty and use their power to lead the way. This army of the unprincipled cannot wake up; they are enslaved by their compromise, the unwillingness to admit they are wrong about anything! These unprincipled souls who feel that their group of defenders are their people and would rather protect a baby seal than a human life, think that they are answering their calling! Evil is the most patient entity on earth! Its plan has been in effect from the beginning of time. It has trained the best of the worst. Most of us will never know we have been taken over, dumbed down and made to be part of the grand design! We are all in search of fairness, and acceptance, and our new army makes us feel entitled. Most of all we need the sense of belonging and purpose that Evil’s Brilliant Recipe gives us. By compromise, evil will inherit America, unless principled souls find their calling, stand up, and shine the light of awareness on the cunning efforts of Evil’s Brilliant Recipe.

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