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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I was taking a walk the other day and passed by the window of a yoga studio. A sign in the window said, “Learn to find your center.” In that moment, this statement struck the core of my being, and the word “balance” came to mind.

Life is all about balance, and when things are out of balance, nothing works: when you bake a cake and forget an ingredient, complete failure; if you forget to put a bolt in an engine, the engine dies; when two parents don’t work together in harmony, kids get out of control; eat too much and you’ll get fat, but eat too little and you’ll become skinny; too much stress makes you sick and not enough stress makes you lazy; not using enough fertilizer in your garden produces weak, slow-growing veggies, but use too much fertilizer and your veggies get burned; when husbands and wives communicate too little, they end up in divorce; too much knowledge makes a person feel inadequate, but not enough knowledge makes a person feel inadequate; too much personality makes you look needy, not enough personality makes you look needy; spend too much money and you go into debt, don’t spend enough money and it all goes to taxes. I could go on forever and give a billion out of balance scenarios, but no matter how hard you work at anything you do, nothing will ever work properly until there is a perfect balance. Take our government: too much liberalism, the country falls into a deep hole; too much conservatism, the country becomes rigid. There is a natural balance in life and without it no administration will ever succeed. It will only push us further away from the center where the majority of most good people are! If a leader does not understand what perfect balance is, he himself is out of balance and can only lead us to failure. To find perfect balance in anything you do takes discipline, awareness and thoughtfulness, nothing more and nothing less. Nature is a very powerful equalizer, and as our leaders try to push us out of balance the good people of America will push back in order to correct the tilt! I see only good things ahead as more people begin to realize they don’t like living on a slope. Most people are lazy and won’t move unless they are pushed. As I see it, the slope is becoming unbearable. There will always be cling-ons who hold onto the tiny morsels that are promised to them and make these morsels the center of their universe. These people live on a slant and would feel very uncomfortable if their lives were level. The frightening thought is that it seems like President Obama is increasingly attempting to put our country out of balance by stacking more cling-ons on the left-leaning slope, even if he has to create another country that he has basically purchased by entitlements. Buying votes in exchange for entitlements seems to be a mainstay for his administration. The complete out of balance co-leadership of the present administration sets the agenda for what they want our country to become, and they think that if they push hard enough, we will all tumble over and grab onto the tiny morsels they throw to us. The good people of America, the brace that holds our country steady, will never tumble to the left-leaning slope. They are the steel cross bars of our country’s frame and cannot be moved or tilted, and, in fact, get stronger as the pressure on them persists. These Americans have a core that is immovable and they keep themselves thoughtfully and properly in balance in all matters of life, country, business, family, and even politics. No matter how out of balance its leaders try to push this country, the spring back on them will be a force they do not understand and won’t know how to deal with. They are interfering with the balance of human nature, and even though they think they figured out how to manipulate the outcome, nature always wins and balance is its end result! #balance #center #america #leadership #liberalism #conservatism

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