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  • Dianne Linderman

Attention All Spoilers: The Gig is Up!

I have become very aware of a dark force that seems to be a huge part of people’s lives. Most people aren’t even aware that it operates through them. They find comfort in its judgment; they feel empowered by its strength; they feel the thrill of its high. They feel so completely justified by the overwhelming, intoxicating feeling they get that they can’t go through the day without it. It becomes their motivation, their fuel, their purpose, their living hell that for a brief moment feels like heaven. This force is not them!!!

The Spoiler is always looking for happiness to destroy. It feels a thrill while looking for its next victim to hurt. The Spoiler has a ferocious appetite and needs to be fed. It wants to insert doubt and bring us down to its level so it can hide. The Spoiler feels the need to succeed; it takes delight when others fail and blames others when it fails. The Spoiler hates all things that are simple, good, and innocent. It needs to confuse and distort simple truths and create intrigue.

The Spoiler thrives on weakness. It plants itself in its victim the moment a person can’t deal with its cruelty and begins to hate the Spoiler. At first, guilt will usually meet the Spoiler and try to intervene, but after a few encounters, the Spoiler will even erase surface guilt and push any sense of conscience down deep, suffocating its effect. The Spoiler’s only hope for survival is to be suspicious of everything and everyone; it is always on the lookout for its enemy—an authentic person!

The moment the Spoiler meets a truly real person it feels intimidated. Like a cowardly dog, trying to get its master’s love, the Spoiler strains to get the real person’s approval and to become the real person’s best friend. The Spoiler looks for an angle to infiltrate, but the authentic person has no real need for anyone and sees right through it!

The Spoiler tries harder and harder to infiltrate the real person’s life and business, but the harder it tries, the brighter the light shines on the dark Spoiler. The real person has no judgment and will not give a second thought about the attempts of the Spoiler to bring him down; he simply is not affected. The real person has love and forgiveness for the Spoiler. He confronts its efforts and stays the course with conviction, strength and dignity, and this confuses the Spoiler.  The Spoiler has only three choices: To run, to implode, or to finally face the Spoiler within and become a real person. Whatever happens, the real person wins every time, because he doesn’t fear losing!  Yes, Spoilers, the gig is up!

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