The New Men of Politics...are Women

Updated: Jun 25

John McCain did not realize what he was doing when he unveiled America’s new, top secret weapon—a conservative woman! Who knew that his plan for taking over the country’s political system was so devilishly brilliant! His scheme even went undetected by the media, and they are so pissed off that anyone could get this covert operation past them, that they have spent every minute of every day trying to figure out how to pay John McCain and Sarah Palin back for their stealth victory!

This interesting movement, rolling out in the face of disbelief from the political left, is fascinating. An army of conservative women is coming out of the woodwork like a plague of locusts heading for the cornfield, and there is no stopping them. This new trend has actually been brought on by the very same media that stood as a beacon for the women’s movement. They took up the torch 40 years ago believing that the freedom parade to liberate homemakers from housework, kids, breastfeeding, and husbands would be the beginning of the end of strong men. Well it was!

Sadly enough, men began to doubt the very core of who they were. Their old fashioned, manly instincts to provide, to protect, and to be the head of the home became their very downfall. The media encouraged happily married women to believe that they weren’t happy, but were simply slaves to their home, husband, and kids. Many women even stopped breastfeeding their babies as the media held up its bright torch and said, “Women be free from all things that make you just a plain, old homemaker; go to work, get out of the house, and be liberated from your duties.” It also preached, “Teach your boys how to be less like men, and more like women. Teach them to be more sensitive and not to offend anyone ever! Stop feeding them food that promotes testosterone. Let them wear earrings, and teach them that all genders are the same.” 

The supporters of the women’s movement believed that it would produce strong, liberal-thinking, powerful women across this planet. It did at first, but even some of these women went back to the underworld of women who loved the role of mother and wife and who were then called traitors to the cause. These women had to blend into the woodwork to retain any happiness but always knew that some day they would resurface in the new women’s movement-and that day has come!

The women’s movement of the 60’s is backfiring. The United States has become a government represented by a majority of weak, over-sensitive men and manly, angry women. But now, here come strong, conservative women who are not only well-balanced, but also dignified and educated. They are the most frightening type of women: an army of “homemakers.” They are happy women with children and non-insecure husbands who have a power and strength and determination like the media has never witnessed before. These are the women who did not buy into the beliefs that were imposed on so many of us!  These are the new men (women) of politics. 

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and other conservative women who serve prominently in politics have proven that there is backlash against not only the failed policies of this administration, but also against the attempt by the mainstream media to destroy the American family! When the balance of power, whether it be in a family, country or ship, is tipped too far it will adjust. These new men (women) of politics are on a mission, and if you have ever seen women at a sale in a department store, you will understand the type of determination and relentlessness they have. They have only one thing on their minds—their families. And whether it be in their immediate families or in the nation, they will stop at nothing to make things right.

What we loved so much about Sarah Palin the day we met her was her in-your-face, bold strength that made us feel as if she were speaking for so many of us. She came across as the parent who, even in a somewhat awkward girlish way, stood up to the bully as she carried a strong authority handed to her by the unsatisfied population of America. 

If this is all it takes to be a hero, where are the principled men of our country? Have they not seen that patronizing the enemy has not and will not ever work?! Giving in and making deals is how so many men have served during the last 40 years of the women’s movement, but now, perhaps, the sleeping giant will be awakened and real men with principles will rise again. They must realize that being political is a thing of the past, and that only real-life strength and commitment to truth matter.

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© 2020 by Dianne Linderman


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