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  • Dianne Linderman

The Ballet

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I find myself wondering why so many people complicate life! I spend valuable time in my life trying to steer people towards simplicity, but it seems that many people don’t even know what simplicity is!  I rarely lose my own simplicity. I love to be simple in everything I do. I think it’s what God has protected in me most of all! I have seen the cruelty in complication; it is designed to distract, and is used as a device to degrade others while the complicator stands like a bright flag above a path of confused victims. The complicator likes to create intrigue in everything he or she does and usually appears to others as the one with all the answers!

I watched one weekend while working at a catering event, as a complicator spent valuable time seeking out its prey. The complicator looks for good-meaning people who are weak, and stands as an authority on everything. It corrects its victims so that they are confused and hurt, and like blood to a vampire, the complicator feels enriched by degrading its prey. I confronted the complicator as I watched with my own eyes, her cruel advance on an unsuspecting victim. The most fascinating things happen when you are simple, you confuse the complicator. “Why are you talking to that person with such cruelty?” I asked. Out of the mouth of the complicator, came a million excuses as to why that person truly deserved the poisonous lip lashing. “You are wrong to talk to her like that,” I said. I watched as she started to confuse herself. I explained that working with people should be like a ballet, especially if you are working for a greater cause!

My friend, Pam, was working nearby, and I called her over to help the complicator understand.  “Pam, tell her how working with each other can be like a ballet.” Pam knew exactly, without my explaining anything to her, what I was talking about. She shared her version of the joy of working with a person who keeps things simple; both people always keeping in mind the task at hand, and never mixing themselves up with the mission! I explained further to the complicator, “It is your inherent need to feel like someone and your huge, insecure ego and pride that needs to be a power broker instead of a part of a ballet!” Simplicity is beautiful, graceful, dignified, faithful and powerful. No complicator will ever know the joy of simplicity. Life should be a simple ballet, so don’t let people stop your music!

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